Word-of-mouth is our best tool for helping you decide what’s right for you.
(Please note: all names have been posted and/or changed anonymously, as requested by the clients themselves)

“Michelle provides a safe, comfortable, and non-judgmental approach to her practice and in her interactions with people. When in her presence I am immediately drawn to her vibrant energy and compassionate warmth. She evokes thought and self-revelation by encouraging me to express myself freely and creatively. She has the ability to give insight or a new perspective on any particular life situation that I may be faced with. Michelle is an encouraging and empowering force. One can’t help but be transformed after meeting her!” C.W._Life Coach, Toronto

“You have a way of making people feel good about themselves and their life. You have a calming effect on people.” Craig_Account Executive, Toronto

"Michelle Hohs is a great personal trainer. But she doesn't make me jog for miles or lift heavy weights. What she does is coach my inner soul to a healthier place. Her technique is unbiased, insightful and deftly perceptive. I have had positive, revelatory sessions in which Michelle has guided me to a better understanding of myself and my potential. Everyone knows the benefits of exercise to their physical health and well being. I recommend to anyone seeking the rewarding benefits of a stronger, healthier mind and spirit to "train" with Michelle Hohs” Sonia_Graphic Designer, Toronto ::more::

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