Michelle works with clients that have a desire to improve an area of their life. She has a true passion for helping people and guiding them to face what it is that is blocking them from being happy on the inside. Michelle does this by providing a safe and comfortable environment for exploring, sharing and being. Her focus is helping clients face their fear, gain a new perspective on their current life situation, see the possibility for change and developing & fostering the enthusiasm to progress.

“Nothing great in life was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”
- R.W. Emerson

Her goal is to empower you towards lasting self-acceptance while teaching you essential tools for self-care. Michelle asks the hard questions that make you think…that inspire you…helping you go inside for the answers…facilitating lasting change. Depending on the session and what feels right, a variety of modalities will be incorporated to help you in your process.
• This could include incorporating sound, art, breathing, energy and visualization techniques. Being open and approaching the work with a creative solution together will lead to deeper results.
• Fostering creative expression through different mediums (i.e. drawing, word play, body expressions, free-flowing creativity) can be profound in their effect.
• A client-centered and holistic approach is at the root of this healing intent. While sharing, talking and listening are never under-valued. ::more::

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