Each session is as diverse as the people seeking her services.

Michelle includes both nutrition and fitness as part of her holistic approach; recognizing that a strong mind is associated with a strong body and confidence is associated with both.

You might ask Michelle to help you with:
Overcoming fear & phobias, career transition, uncovering old passions, building self-esteem and self-trust, discovering the root cause for patterns & unhealthy behaviours that hold us back, understanding and overcoming perfectionism/ procrastination, improving communication within families & outside relationships, reducing stress and helping yourself get better acquainted with your specific needs and goals.

How do you know if Coaching is something you need?
Life Coaching can be beneficial if you want to move forward or improve an area of your life (i.e. career, health) and you just don’t know where to start or how to do it. It’s like seeking the assistance of a repair man to help you fix your drain. You could do it yourself (of course you can!) but you’d rather get some insight into what’s causing the block and have an expert work with you on removing it…so you can be in the flow of things again, faster.
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