Michelle is a Life Coach, Psychotherapist and Bodywork Practitioner who uses mind and body healing techniques to help people transform their life.

Michelle excelled in the dynamic field of advertising for 10 years and worked at the leading Canadian agency. Her expertise in working with corporate clients to build a strategy to achieve their objectives provided a strong foundation for the transition into career and life coaching. Michelle’s passion for travel and exploration lead her on a personal success path for living life to its fullest. Realizing her desire to work with people in a deeper way, Michelle received further training at a private institution in Toronto, The Transformational Arts College, achieving a degree in Spiritual Psychotherapy and Human Relations (R.I.H.R.) related to the emerging fields of Energy Psychology (EP) & Transpersonal Counselling Psychology (TCP). Michelle has also pursued studies in interpersonal communication, meditation, nutrition, fitness and therapeutic body work. Michelle is an intuitive and dynamic professional who is respected for her creativity and the empathy and compassion she shows to her clients and associates. Her sense of humor and positive energy are her natural gifts for connecting comfortably with others. Michelle’s greatest professional strength is being inspirational!...inspiring and guiding her clients in designing and achieving the life that they desire and the life that they deserve.

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