You Can Do It!

1) Get yourself in a safe place with soft music you like and no distractions.
You need a pen and paper, and an object (for example: a rock, flower, feather, or nature or spiritual symbol). Also, get yourself a tall glass of water to symbolize fluidity. Set this in front of you.
2) Write the time down at the top of the page. For 5 minutes straight write every crazy happy dream you have of what you wish you had in your life. The more “outside the box”, the better. This is only an exercise, so no censoring, write it all down. Allow yourself to smile while doing this, and make it fun.
3) At the end of 5 minutes, drink the glass of water and look at what you wrote. Underline the parts most important to you.
4) On another piece of paper, write “I create my life in every moment” at the top, and list the top 5 most important items from your brainstorm you would like to create in your life.
5) Bring this list to your initial consultation with Michelle!
...feel free to email me with questions and suggestions...

Sincerely, Michelle
Talk to you soon!

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