"Working with Michelle, I have made significant changes within my life. I have connected with my emotions, released pain and have become aware of my spiritual inner-self. I understand and embrace who I am today…I learned to make goals and focus on the positive outcomes of each. I have built a stronger connection with how I am feeling, thinking and breathing, everyday. Michelle's sessions provide me with different tools to work towards my goals, (i.e. cleansing of my aura, communication strategies, awareness of emotion and connection of spirituality). I have truly benefited with the sessions." Jennifer – Student, Toronto

“Michelle is one of the most insightful therapists I know....with her many talents, she offers a unique therapy for the whole person. Having been a patient, I can say that I felt comfortable, safe and inspired to reach beyond my own fears and limits, to search within myself and learn to forge ahead, to direct my own healing. Who I am now is definitely as a result of her care and commitment to my self-realization, and I'm proud to say that I thrive.” Sheryl Stanley - Canadian Reg. Massage Therapist

"This was my first experience in talking to a professional, about my life. At first, I didn't think I had much ground to cover. But as I began working with Michelle more - I felt very comfortable; no judging or vested interest like my friends or family. This resulted in a lot of past feelings/thoughts re-surfacing and which Michelle helped me work through and come to terms with certain situations." Jean – Marketing, Toronto

"Michelle has taught me some very valuable lessons. She has this ability to listen and ask you the right questions which lead you to find your own answers. In the process, I learned the most important lesson of self-awareness. With this growing self-awareness, I am able to find more and more clarity with my thoughts, emotions, needs, desires and how I communicate with other people. Achieving this new found clarity in my life has brought me peace. The ability to better understand both my own emotional journey as well as have insight into others' will allow for healthier relationships in my life now and in the future. Michelle, I can't thank you enough!" Catherine, Art Director – Brooklyn, New York ::back::